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Why go for drawdown?

Well, pension drawdown gives you access to your money whenever you want or need it. The rest of your fund stays invested so, it’s a bit like having a large, flexible savings account.

And remember, the first 25% of your pension fund that you drawdown is tax-free. Importantly, anything left in the fund can be inherited by your loved ones, unlike an annuity.

If you want a flexible income in retirement, pension drawdown could be right for you.

Benefits of drawdown


Take as much, or as little, as you need.


Access your money whenever you like.


You decide how you spend your money.

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Simply pop your details into this form to find a local independent financial adviser (IFA) who specialises in pension drawdown.

They’ll give you a call for a free, no obligation chat about your retirement plans.

If drawdown is your preferred option, your IFA will help you with that. If drawdown doesn’t seem to be the best option for you, your IFA will explain why, and help you to find an alternative plan for your retirement.

It’s a legal requirement that you take financial advice before entering drawdown.
All the IFAs that partners with are unbiased and regulated by the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority, formerly the FSA).

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