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Could you be better off with a final salary pension transfer?

You should seek advice now if any of these apply to you:

  • You want your tax free cash at 55 years old
  • You are a high-earner
  • You want to leave your loved ones a legacy
  • You're no longer paying into a final salary scheme
  • You suffer from poor health
  • You're divorced or have no children

  • Seeking transfer advice is quick and easy, with cash equivalent offers currently averaging between 30-50 times the predicted annual income.

  • That's the same amount of cash as you’d get if you lived a further 30-50 years after retirement. The annual returns are usually better than those offered on a regular income.

Why do I need specialist advice?

By law, only an independent financial adviser (IFA) can authorise your transfer.

Only 5% of IFAs are able to activate your authorisation. We connect you with a transfer specialist.

My Pension Choices works with a national network of IFAs to find the best pension transfer specialist in your area.

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Why should I transfer?


Transfer your final salary pension to a lump sum and you're not restricted by a fixed income. You can take your money as you need it, so you're free to leave a legacy, spend on loved ones, or just live it up!

More tax-free cash

Once your final salary pension has been transferred, you have the option to take up to 25% of your fund as a tax-free lump sum. This isn't usually possible if you choose to take your regular, fixed income.


Your transferred pension lump sum is based on the average life expectancy – if you're suffering from ill health, this could mean you receive a larger pot of money to spend, relative to your actual life expectancy.

Secure your pension

We all know that a final salary pension is only as safe as the company that supports it – if your former employer goes bust, you could lose out. This isn't the case if you transfer, as the money's already yours.