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Are You Losing a Third of Your Pension Savings?

You could be losing up to 34% of your retirement savings in pension provider fees. A free Pension Review could minimise this cost and maximise your retirement income

With your free Pension Review, you'll receive:

  • A whole market comparison which could improve your pension's value

  • On-going pension investment monitoring for continued results

  • The best advice to help you understand the whole process

Pension providers charge you for managing your savings before retirement. This could be costing you up to 34%* of your lifetime savings, eating into your retirement nest-egg. The stocks in which your pension is invested may also not be providing you with the best returns.

Most people don't know what they're being charged, how their pension is invested, or even how much they'll receive in retirement. 

Our aim is to maximise they money you receive in retirement, and with a free pension review your advisor will help you to minimise the charges from your pension provider, and monitor your investments for stronger growth. This means a better pension now, and in the future.

Get a free pension review with a dedicated advisor today. All advisors are fully regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), and will always explain everything in plain-English.

*Source: DWP modelling Assumptions: 1. Initial annual contributions: £1,200 2. Investment growth: 7.00% 3. Annual contributions growth: 4.00% 4. Individual save from age 22 to State Pension Age (Spa) of 68 (in line with Government proposals)

"I didn't realise how much my pension provider was charging me - if I hadn't had my pension reviewed I would have had a huge chunk taken out of my savings."

Karen Smith

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Tax efficient

You will receive tax relief on your pension contributions, based on your personal circumstances

Reduce your fees

Find out what fees you're currently being charged, and how you can reduce these to maximise your savings


Find out how much your pension is currently worth, and how you can release its growth potential

Take control

With expert advice you can understand the whole process and plan for the retirement lifestyle that you want