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Why you can trust us

Since 2009, we’ve helped millions of people across the country connect with trusted local financial advisors. Our impartial, hassle-free service has helped them get the advice they need to achieve their financial goals.

Our service

When you use our service to connect to a pension advisor in your area, we will provide:

  • Rapid response
    You’ll get a call from your advisor within one business day

  • Free, no-obligation consultation
    To discuss your pension needs and retirement goals in depth

  • Personally tailored advice
    All advisors are carefully selected experts in their field

  • Transparent pricing with no hidden fees
    Know what you’ll be paying before making any decisions

Do I need a pension advisor?

An advisor can offer insight and guidance for a wide range of pension queries:

  • Your Options
    Find out what the best route is for your retirement

  • Drawdown
    Take the money from your pension as and when you need it

  • 25% Tax-Free
    Get a tax-free cash lump sum of up to 25% of your pension value

  • Guaranteed Income
    Set income, either for life or fixed-period, may be your better option.

How much does an advisor cost?

Our service connects you with an expert pension advisor for free. Your advisor will charge either:

  • An hourly rate
    This will vary based on the advice provided and will be agreed up-front

  • A small percentage
    Ongoing investment management may be charged at a percentage of the overall value

  • Fixed fee
    For one-off services such as transferring a pension or buying an annuity

  • Commission
    This may apply to products such as insurance or mortgages