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Be better off with drawdown - Maximise your income today

Get expert advice to calculate your highest retirement income

To find your local pension expert:

  • You need advice by law before you can take money from your pension

  • Your money stays invested for you to access as and when you need it

  • From age 55 you can withdraw your money taking up to 25% tax free

Accessing your Pension Savings
Retiring or simply want to get hold of the money in your pension? You have a few options. But to know which one is right for you, you'll need to speak with a pension expert.

For most people, it's a legal requirement to speak with an expert before you can take any money. Taking professional financial advice not only grows but also protects your retirement income.

A Flexible Income in Retirement
The most flexible way to access your savings is through drawdown. It allows you to take what you need whenever you want it.

The first 25% that you take from your pension pot is completely tax-free, and the rest of your fund stays invested. So unlike an annuity, anything left in the fund can be inherited by your loved ones.

Better Than a Calculator
With so many factors that go into calculating a retirement income (such as pension value, personal retirement plans, and attitude to investment risk), online calculators are entirely inaccurate.

Complete our simple form to connect with a pension drawdown adviser and they’ll help you calculate the best possible income for your retirement.

"Pension Drawdown proved to be a more flexible pension option that gave me better access to my pension fund."

Maureen Knowles

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Complete flexibility

Take your money as and when you need it. Unlike an annuity, your money isn’t locked away.

Leave a legacy

With flexible access to your pension fund, you can leave behind money to transfer to loved ones.

Tax free

You can take up to 25% of your pension fund as a tax free cash lump sum.

Future growth

Your pension fund remains invested. You could see your fund’s value increase over time.

""Pension drawdown was a more flexible option. It lets me take my money as I need it.""

Richard Gill,