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We take your privacy very seriously. Please read our Privacy Policy.

We take your privacy very seriously. Please read our Privacy Policy.

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How can an IFA help me?

Independent Financial Advisors can offer valuable insight and are able to give advice on a wide range of queries you might have regarding Inheritance Tax, including:

  • How much inheritance tax you'll pay based on your current tax rate

  • Understanding the April 2015 Budget changes to inheritance tax rules
    and how you and your family can benefit

  • Advice on making a will and leaving your loved ones a legacy
    without a large tax bill

Our Service

When you use our service to connect to an IFA in your area, we will provide:

  • Rapid response
    Your local IFA will respond to your enquiry within one business day.

  • Free, no-obligation consultation
    Discuss your goals with your IFA in depth, online or over the phone.

  • Impartial, personally tailored advice
    All IFAs are carefully selected, independent experts in their field.

  • Transparent pricing with no hidden fees

What should I ask my IFA?

It's important you make the most of your free consultation with your IFA, and it can be useful to prepare some questions about inheritance tax. If you're not sure what to ask, we've got some suggestions:

  • What happens if my family can't pay inheritance tax?

  • Can I really give away £3000 per year without incurring any inheritance tax?

  • Can I gift my house to my children and remain living in the property?

  • What are the advantages of making my grandchildren the main beneficiaries of my will?

  • Should I transfer my assets to someone else?