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The Benefits of a Final Salary Pension Transfer

Flexible income

Take your money when you need it.

Income tax

Have more control over your tax rate.

Inheritance planning

Pass on your whole fund.

Early access

Transfer before the 'normal pension age'.

Final Salary Pension Transfers: Key Facts

You can transfer your pension from age 55+
Transfer values of £30k+ require formal advice by law
Get a lump sum and withdraw using income drawdown

Number of savers cashing in their final salary pensions this year*

- £500,000

Average transfer values**

Up to

50 times

projected annual income***

Why You Need To Seek Final Salary Pension Advice

Approximately 6 million people in the UK could be eligible to transfer their final salary pension schemes. They could benefit from:

Potentially large transfer values.

Up to 50 times projected annual income in exchange for certain scheme benefits.

Increased Flexibility.

Access your money in a way that works for you. Potentially retire early and achieve goals and dreams now, while time is on your side.

Leave a legacy.

Having the fund value as a lump sum allows you to plan for the future. Pass your pension on to your beneficiaries at the end of your life.

Everyone’s circumstances are different. Seeking formal final salary pension advice helps you understand what your options are, and which route is the best for you.

Be Aware: For some, the instant gratification of a pension transfer could lead to a lack of income in their later years. That's why it's essential that you get sound advice from a qualified and regulated final salary pension advice specialist.

Questions To Ask Your Pension Specialist

It's essential you understand whether a transfer is right for you. Always ask:

Do they complete a lifetime cash flow analysis?
Do they undertake a detailed review of expenditure now and post-retirement?
Do they examine your finances and circumstance in their entirety?

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