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Quick Questions Answered

Can I Cash In My Final Salary Pension?

Final Salary Pensions (also called Defined Benefit Pensions) vary from company to company, and sometimes even person to person. So while you can transfer your pension if you’re aged 55+, whether a transfer for a cash lump sum is right for you all depends on how your scheme is set up, and the benefits offered to you.

You can use our service to speak with a final salary pension transfer specialist free of charge to see whether a transfer is possible, the value of your lump sum, and if it’ll be right for you.

If the transfer value is over £30,000 then formal advice is required by law.

Is A Pension Transfer Right For Me?

A Final Salary Pension Transfer can be a game changer. With transfer values at an all time high, you can potentially retire early and achieve goals and dreams now, while time is on your side. Be Aware For some, this instant gratification could lead to a lack of income in their later years. That's why it's essential that you get sound advice from a quality pension transfer specialist.

Things To Ask Your Pension Specialist

It’s essential you understand whether a transfer is right for you. Always ask:
-Do they complete a lifetime cash flow analysis?
-Do they undertake a detailed review of expenditure now and post-retirement?
-Do they examine your finances and circumstance in their entirety?

Our Service

When you use our service to connect to an IFA in your area, we will provide:

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    Discuss your goals with your IFA in depth, online or over the phone.

  • Impartial, personally tailored advice
    All IFAs are carefully selected, independent experts in their field.

  • Transparent pricing with no hidden fees

What are the advantages of transferring my final salary pension?

Our network of pension advisors are here to help you. Here’s why you might want to switch:

  • Highest Transfer Offers, EVER
    Up to 60 times your projected income

  • Flexible income
    take your money when you need it

  • Income tax
    have more control over your tax rate

  • Inheritance planning
    Pass on your whole fund

  • Access your pension before the 'normal pension age'

How much does an IFA cost?

Our service is free for the initial consultation then an IFA will charge either:

  • An hourly rate
    This will be agreed up-front and is based on the advice provided, experience and location.

  • A small percentage
    With ongoing investment management, you may be charged a percentage of the overall value.

  • Fixed fee
    For a one-off services such as transferring a pension or buying an annuity.

  • Commission
    This may apply to products such as insurance or mortgages.

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