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To help you to obtain the most accurate annuity rate information from all the UK's leading providers, we've put you in touch with an annuity specialist. They will contact you shortly to discuss your free, no-obligation comparison.


Our annuity specialists

All of our experts are unrestricted and completely impartial - meaning they're free to make recommendations based solely on your needs, with no preference for any one product or provider.

Many factors can influence your retirement income and our specialists will ask the right questions to make sure you are getting the best annuity rate from the whole of market.

1. We are 100% annuity specialists. Our, specialism, experience and expertise ensures we provide a high quality service and the highest available retirement income

2. Preferential annuity rates. Our relationships with leading providers ensure we secure preferential annuity rates on your behalf

3. More choice. Don't settle for standard annuities; compare enhanced, fixed term and investment linked annuities as well

4. More retirement income. An enhanced annuity can increase your retirement income by up to 70%

5. No cost. You pay nothing for our annuity service. Our quotes, information and assistance are all provided free of charge.


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